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You dont have to buy ski gear for your kids anymore!

Every autumn it is the same, parents trying toget the ski equipment for their kids. Someone inherits skis from older siblings, some buys new equipment, and others buy second-hand equipment. Recently, however, all of the above has been dominated by all-season renting. Children grow often so quickly that  the selected equipment in autumn becomes inappropriate during winter. The skis become short and the shoes are too tight. Finding a quick solution in the busy season costs time and money. All this and much more solves renting ski gear for the whole season.

How Does it work?

  • The ideal time to rent the ski equipment is from the beginning of September to mid-November. Often, such an early visit is associated with an advantage or a discount. In this period it is also quiet and we have time to discuss everything and mainly to pick the most suitable ski equipment.
  • Together we measure foot size, height and weigh of your children. In addition to this, we need to know the skiing skills as a parameter so that we can adjust the binding to the selected ski boots. We will add sticks, helmet, goggles or spine protector and the downhill set is complete. 🙂
  • For some downhill skis are not enough and they are asking us for cross-country skis or snowboards. We can do both. 
  • We record all the equipment in the computer and you have everything until the spring or the next autumn, because the season means the possibility to keep the equipment really the whole year. It is quite common for people to keep everything at home during summer and exchange all the equipment piece by piece in the autumn. This will save time associated with returning the rental in the spring, you come just once.

You can find the most frequently rented sets and complete pricelist here.

What if the foot grows during the season?

During winter, it may happen that your foot grows or your skis become short. All this is remembered in all-season lending. Just come with the equipment and we will replace it on spot within the category for more suitable. The rental price also includes one service, so you are always sure that the equipment is 100% ready for skiing.

The benefits are clear

The biggest advantage of all-season rental is its price, when a new set of quality skis costs at least 5000, – CZK and at the rental we can fit in two thousand CZK. And this does not take into account the need to service and adjust skis, when renting this considerable cost does not bother you, since the skis are serviced and the binding adjusted.

We are looking forward to see you in our ski rental!

In behalf of the team SkiGoHome, Jan.

The season always ends on the 31.10.

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