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Ski Rental

You don’t have to buy a ski gear for your kids anymore! It’s easier to rent it. We guarantee free replacement of boots or skis during the season. Plus you get one service free!
Season ends always on 31.10. of the particular year.
Sets for a season

You don’t have to buy a ski gear for your kids anymore. It is easier and cheaper to rent everything! You will get exactly what your kids need plus everything is fully serviced.

Sets for a season

Most popular

Cross-country skis, boots, poles JR Classic SET

Junior cross-country ski set (Sporten skis with or without scales, till 150 cm length)



Junior cross-country ski set (Sporten skis with or without scales, from 160 cm length)


Skis, boots, poles VIP MINI SET

VIP Baby ski set (length of skis 70 - 89 cm)


Skis, boots, poles VIP JR SET

VIP Kids ski set (length of skis 90-129 cm)


Skis, boots, poles Basic JR SET

Basic junior ski set (length of skis 90 - 129 cm)


Skis, boots, poles RACE JR SET

Junior wooden sandwich Blizzard and Sporten skis, Tecnica or Nordica race boots


Snowboard, boots VIP JR SNB SET

VIP junior snowboard set up to 139 cm length of a SNB (current SNB models a bots)


Skis only TEST

The newest models of Blizzard and Nordica skis


Skis only PREMIUM

Current models of Blizzard and Nordica skis



Ski set for advanced and demanding skiers


Skis, boots, poles VIP SET

Ski set for good and advanced skiers


Skis, boots, poles TOP SET

Ski set for intermediate skiers


Cross-country skis, boots, poles SPORT SET

Cross-country ski set (Sporten Perun, Forester, Vital combi)


Snowboard, boots VIP SNB SET

VIP Snowboard set from 139 cm length of a SNB (current SNB models a boots)

  • Along with renting equipment, we recommend purchasing a "protection package" and insuring your skis against damage, theft and loss. For more information, please contact the rental staff.

  • The ski set consists of skis, boots and poles. For a seasonal rentals we are giving 50% discount on helmets and googles. Binding adjustment is in the price. We don't require any deposit to rent equipment, you only need a valid ID. Rental price can be paid cash, by card or by benefit vouchers Sodexo, Ticket Benefits, Benefit Plus and Cadhoc. Payment with benefits cannot be combined with discounts or promotions.

  • 14 days = 7 days! You can pick your skis few days before your vacation and return them later, but still for the week price! Maximum total length is 14 days. Fro longer rental periods you can choose the rate of 15 - 21 days, or advantageous all-season rental.


When is the best time to rent equipment?

The best time to rent gear is always in spring. The prices for the whole season rental are the most advantageous and you are not risking anything. If your child outgrows the equipment during the year, we will gladly exchange the equipment for you the right size and length, completely free of charge.

Can I pay with company benefits?

Yes, all payments for rental or service can be paid from company benefits. We accept Benefit+, Edenred and Sodexo cards. We also take vouchers for leisure activities from these companies. However, payment with benefits cannot be combined with promotional prices or discounts.

Is it necessary to lend children additional safety features?

It is not necessary, but it is additional protection, whether for the head or the spine. If children are already skiing on public slopes, so they need to be protected above all from people moving on the slopes. The secondary positive thing is that children get used to the protective element and subsequently take it as an integral part of skiing. A seat belt in a car has a similar effect.

What to do in case of damage or malfunction of the equipment?

When taking over the equipment, the client confirms that the equipment is complete and in usable condition. When you later discover that the equipment is malfunctioning or damaged, you must contact us immediately so that we can solve the issue. A later claim can no longer be taken into account.

How is equipment insurance handled in case of damage or loss?

The equipment can be insured. Insurance is 10% of the total equipment rental price. Insurance covers minor damage, irreparable damage, theft and even loss.

Can the rental of the equipment be extended?

If you have rented equipment for a weekend or a week, you can extend the rental by phone or email for any length of time, even for the rest of the season (if the equipment is not already reserved). You only pay extra difference according to the current price list.

When is it necessary to return the equipment?

Equipment can be rented for the whole season. If you don’t want to store the equipment in the summer, you can return earlier, until 30.4., but no later than 31.10. in the following season. You can always find a due date on your receipt. If you are not sure, just contact us. 🙂

Is it possible to borrow the equipment I had last year?

Yes, if you are our regular customer, we have everything stored in the system. If not, we will prepare an adequate alternative for you.

When does the season begin and end?

The season starts every year in September and always ends on the last day of October.

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